Ends on August 25, 2017

Hello, dear reader, and happy summer! If you’ve been with Loco for a hot second, you know that this is a little bit weird. But it’s okay - pull up a beach chair and take a seat. Because we’re here to chat.

Normally Loco publishes six issues a year - three in the spring and three in the fall. We take a nice long break in the summer where we regroup, watch a lot of Netflix, and read a lot of books. But not this summer! At the end of issue 30, our team got together and decided we didn’t want Loco to go dark over the summer. There’s too much happening in the world and too much we want to talk about for that.

So we decided to put out a special summer issue. It’ll take a different format than most of our issues, in that we won’t be doing huge article drops all at once. Instead, we’ll stagger them out over the course of the next three months. We’ll talk about summer movies, skin care tips for the summer heat, travel experiences, and more. Unbound by the weight of schoolwork, who knows where we’ll go?

We have no due date, just submit whenever your work is ready, and we'll go through the editing process and publish it when it's pretty and shiny.

Our theme for the next three months is Raison D’Etre, which translates directly from French to mean “Reason to Be.” Take this theme to mean whatever you want - tell us the reason why something exists, tell us why YOU exist, write about something important or interesting.

If you’re a college age writer, photographer, videographer, designer, or interviewer, please consider contributing! Loco is a lifestyle and culture magazine always on the hunt for new articles, photospreads, and fresh takes on student perspectives. We’re not strictly a news publication. We want to hear your voice and read your stories.

Our sections include Travel, Lifestyle, Photo/Video, Entertainment, and Features. Features typically run around 1,500 words. Have more than that? Cool! If not, no worries. We’re an electronic publication so space is unlimited. We’ll accept anything from a 250 word photospread to a 500 word interview to an hour long podcast to a 2-minute video. There’s only one rule: you must be creative.

Send any questions to editor@locomag.com, and be sure to follow us on Twitter @locomag and like us on Facebook, too!

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